FinTech VC Element snares $130m for B2B fund

FinTech VC Element snares $130m for B2B fund

UK firm Element Ventures has secured $130m in financial backing for its business-to-business (B2B) FinTech-focused venture capital business.

Podcast 386: Chris Tsai of Resolve

Consumer BNPL has become an entrenched part of the modern payments flow for a large number of companies. But the payments flow in the business-to-business space still looks similar to the way it did a decade ago. I think that is about to change.Our next guest on the Fintech One-on-One podcast is Chris Tsai, the CEO and Co-founder of Resolve. He has thought deeply about buyer flows in b2b commerce and has created a complete system to manage the process. As he describes in this episode it is not really about BNPL, although that is a piece of what they do, it is about growing transactions into relationships.In this podcast you will learn:

– How Max Levchin and Affirm was instrumental in the founding of Resolve.
– What the early days of Resolve were like.
– The four steps in the buying process that coincides with Resolve’s core products.
– How they perform credit checks on behalf of their clients.
– How BNPL for business is different to consumer.
– A profile of the typical Resolve customer.
– Why they often like to talk of themselves as an embedded payments platform.
– Details of their underwriting process.
– The interplay between credit insights and relationship insights.
– How their business model works.
– How Resolve customers immediately benefit once they are onboarded.
– Why they offer credit card processing as part of the interface.
– How they interface with the popular accounting software platforms.
– The scale they are at today.
– Chris’s vision for Resolve.

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AppSecEngineer Podcast: The Waltz between AppSec and Fintech | Naren NS, Verisk Financial

As a Fintech platform provider Mr Naren NS from Verisk Financial is our go to guy for understanding the critical role of security in Banking and Financial sector across the globe. This is an interesting conversation about core security principles used in Fintech industry, evolution of security practices in Banking sector and changes across course of time and geography.
Main content:
Insights into the key security threats, compliance and vulnerabilities faced by the industry players.
Insights into the significant role played by AppSec in financial industry and how it has transitioned over the decade
Need of the hour in security assessment and implementation and most importantly what customers require from a Fintech platform.
Current scenario of awareness and importance of security

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Intro
2:58- Evolution of Fintech security in last decade
7:35- Changing landscape of Application Security
16:01- Adding technology and related security risks
38:40- Changing expectations of customers

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Point Nine’s Ricardo Sequerra Amram on spotting a B2B diamond in the rough

“That’s what gets us super excited — being able to see a product that fits a very specific need in the market, that even if it’s built super roughly, already exposes the needs that the founder has identified.”

Few know the B2B venture space in Europe better than Point Nine Capital. From Delivery Hero and Zendesk, which both IPO’d, to Typeform, Clio, and Vend, the Point Nine team knows how to spot a startup poised for growth. As an early-stage investor at Seedcamp, Cherry, and now as a partner at Point Nine, Ricardo Sequerra Amram spends his days speaking with founders who are at the pre-version 1.1 development stage of a product. In this episode of This Much I Know, Carlos Espinal dives into how Ricardo assesses these bare-bone prototypes and determines their viability to scale.

“A magical moment throughout our due-diligence is when we are going through the product with the founder and he is explaining to us why he built such a feature first and why exactly is it that this particular part of the product is important for the prototype, and why he didn’t build the other feature,” Ricardo says. “That’s where the clarity of thought and insight that was generated throughout years of industry experience comes out.”

Listen in as Ricardo and Carlos discuss Ricardo’s path into venture capital, and how Point Nine thinks about what makes up a backable prototype and successful B2B entrepreneur.

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Seed, Pre-seed, (Pre-Pre-Seed?): What the Earliest Stages of Funding Mean for Entrepreneurs Today

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AWS Startup Day – San Francisco 2018: Charles Hudson, Precursor Ventures. A seed round used to be Series A. Pre-seed was seed. And we all still have friends and family, so where do they fit in? The earliest stages of funding can be confusing at best, and disastrous if not navigated with a clear structure and outcome in mind. The current state of seed funding, and how (and whether) to get yours.