Empowering merchants through embedded finance

Empowering merchants through embedded finance

Sarel Tal, VP EMEA, Rapyd speaks at MPE 2022 about Rapyd's business and ascent from the original foundation story to their current global scale, the development of embedded finance since covid and how it has enabled the faster, more efficient expansion of merchants core services.

5 Reasons to attend FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps

VCI innovations CEO, Victor Cruz, shares why you can’t miss out on our series of FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps events this year as well as how to secure an extra discount on your ticket price.

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LIVE @ UK Fintech Week: Empowering the UK through Embedded Finance

LIVE @ UK Fintech Week FinextraTV spoke with Lord Christopher Holmes of Richmond MBE during IFGS about the future of Embedded Finance within the UK and globally. We hear how infrastructure is powering embedded finance, some of the challenges involved, and what the government is doing to secure the UK a competitive position within the market.

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Intro to Embedded Finance

Embedded finance is changing the competitive dynamics of many industries. According to a new report by Accenture and Plaid, companies embracing embedded finance can increase revenue as much as two to five times per customer.

In this webinar Plaid’s COO, Eric Sager, Accenture’s Cross-Industry Financial Services Lead, Ben Brown, and Unit’s CEO, Itai Damti discuss how companies can unlock new revenue opportunities by surfacing financial products in context and at the point of need for customers.

Topics include:
– Commercial opportunities for embedded finance

– How embedded finance can deepen customer relationships and increase lifetime value
– Ways to accelerate embedded finance initiatives through partners
– Key questions to assess embedded finance opportunities for your business

MPE 2022 – The empowerment of merchants through embedded finance

Finextra interviewed Sarel Tal, VP EMEA, about Rapyd’s growth since its founding and how embedded finance has enabled merchants to expand more effectively.