Crowdsurfer pulls in £1m for crowd financing data

Crowdsurfer pulls in £1m for crowd financing data

Alternative finance intelligence service Crowdsurfer has picked up £1m in a new round of funding. Existing backer Mustard Seed led the investment.

Wheelchair Crowdsurfing

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Crowd Surfing – July 12, 2017 (Kicktraq)

Welcome to episode 6 of Crowd Surfing!

Tom and friends take a look at the current fundraising scene on Kickstarter.

0:08 – Intro
0:56 – Fundraising News
8:19 – What’s Funding
9:44 – Kickstarter First Impressions with Mike
11:59 – Honey! Look What I Backed!
15:03 – Tom’s Thoughts: Kicktraq
17:11 – Kickstarter Lessons with Jamey Stegmaier
19:51 – Kicking Over Love
22:29 – Final Thoughts

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Crowd Surfing

Join Tom, Zee, and Sam as they look into a number of crowd-funding campaigns in their final days of funding.

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Crazy Crowd Surfers 2001 2002 Preview Movie (Muted)

Here is a Preview Movie I made for my first movie, Crazy Crowd Surfers 2001-2002. I removed the sound to avoid any kind of copyright issues, as I have had this and others taken down for that reason.

You can see this movie with sound at my website, where I also sell a BluRay that has over 6 hours like this. For those who like such things, my stuff is among the best out there, if I do say so myself…