Why businesses should adopt policy management technology

Why businesses should adopt policy management technology

With the world experiencing an economic downturn and a cost-of-living crisis, it may seem like a confusing time to invest in new policy tech.

Francis Bilodeau, Policy Enabling the Adoption of Technology for Public Good

Francis Bilodeau, Assistant Secretary, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Digital Policy and Services, at Compute Ontario and ORION’s Smart Cities Governance Lab on March 28, 2019, in Kitchener Ontario, offered a first-hand look into how Canada’s government is transforming through technology adoption and developing digital services. Francis explained that data and technology are evolving rapidly, and while the benefits of digital transformation are evident, it is harder for the government to keep pace with these advances than industry. Private companies have to adapt to new technologies or they will cease to exist, but that is not the case for government. Francis identified two critical actions to help support the digital transformation of government. Building policies and frameworks which enable new technology adoption, and to learn by doing, rather than developing long-term plans that will be outdated by the time they are executed. He provided examples of programs such as the Canadian Digital Service that are currently in place to help digitize Canada, however he believes more needs to be done. Canada has to learn by doing and continue to implement policies that will enable the adoption of technology for public good.

April 24, 2023 Policy & Government Oversight Committee

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Oren Cass vs. Richard Reinsch: Should America Adopt An Industrial Policy?

Public debate at the inaugural National Conservatism Conference, 7/15/19.

Resolution: “America Should Adopt An Industrial Policy”

Pro: Oren Cass
Con: Richard Reinsch
Chairman: Yoram Hazony

Oren Cass, author of “The Once and Future Worker,” and Richard Reinsch, editor of Law and Liberty, debate the pros and cons of America adopting an industrial policy to reinvigorate manufacturing, provide meaningful and productive work for American workers, and reverse the trade deficit. The two debaters persuasively and good-naturedly present rival visions of conservatism and the relative roles of market and state.

14 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt Travel and Expense Software

Business travel is on the rise as we come out of the pandemic, and many organizations are turning to Travel and Expense software solutions to streamline their business travel and expense management. Companies that are still using traditional methods are at a disadvantage when it comes to controlling costs and increasing productivity. Therefore, they need to understand the benefits of an advanced travel and software application to make the switch from a manual system. A few reasons to consider Travel and expense software are :

1) It improves travel policy compliance
2) It enhances visibility over data and expenditure
3) It enables personalized bookings
4) It prevents travel expense fraud

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Watch this video to know more about why businesses should adopt travel and expense software.

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