Natural Capital and Biodiversity: Reinforcing Nature as an Asset

Natural Capital and Biodiversity: Reinforcing Nature as an Asset

$44 trillion, is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services explains Michael Wilkins, Senior Research Fellow in Sustainable Finance at S&P Global Ratings.

Dieter Helm. Natural capital, biodiversity and environmental restoration

Natural capital is a central organising concept for working out how to meet the sustainability criteria, and to incorporate biodiversity and ecosystems into the economy. The presentation defines natural capital and its types, and shows how it links to sustainability. Measurement through thresholds, economic valuation and accounting will be described, and a 25 year plan for natural capital restoration will be outlined, together with its funding.

Renaturalizing Our Landscapes: Why & How

Janice Wiles, Owner of Go Native! Perennials in Skaneateles, NY, shares why restoring landscapes with native vegetation is a fundamental contribution we all must make to support bending the curve on biodiversity loss, and strategies to make that happen on your property.

“We only have until the end of the decade to bend the curve on nature and biodiversity loss. Transformational change is possible if we start now at every level from local to global.” (UNEP Facts about the Nature Crisis).

Time to Account for Natural Capital

If you want to know what the financial health of a company is, you look at its balance sheet: assets on one side, liabilities on the other. A country’s balance sheet would include assets such as roads and factories, along with human and social capital like education and entrepreneurship. Importantly, it would also include natural capital. On the other side, you’d see the depletion of natural resources as they’re used up — through mining, industry, forestry, agriculture. Rio+20 offers a unique chance to include `natural capital’ in national accounts and move towards development that is more sustainable.

Natural Capital & Ecosystem Services

Dr. Anne Guerry, Chief Strategy Officer and Lead Scientist for the Natural Captial Project, introduces the concepts of natural capital and ecosystem services.